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Editing Information About Your Cause

If you found a page on our website describing your cause and would like to change the information, we will gladly assist you. Please email us any text, images, linking information or other useful information to enhance your page. We currently have a limit of two outgoing links from your page on to any offsite web pages. We only allow links to quality web pages. Our information was gathered from your website meta tags, about us page or summary paragraph on your index page.

May We Suggest

  • Provide us with summary information about your individual cause.
  • Include a link to your donation page and/or index page.
  • Images are worth a thousand words.
  • Unique content is always preferable.
  • Let our readers know why it is important to go to your website.

Our goal is to help you raise money and get people to visit your website. We do not accept donations on Your web page is free and there is absolutely no fee or cost for our programmers to edit your page. Your page is permanent unless you ask us to remove it or we find any abuses of our policies.


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