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Network for Vulnerable Rescue Foundation (N.V.R.F) is a not for profit, non government and charity organization established on 2008 with registration No 00002196 incorporated under the provision of the Board members Incorporation Act (12(2) of act number 24 of 2002) in the United Republic of Tanzania
Network for Vulnerable Rescue Foundation N.V.R.F started as a small voluntary youth organization with a mission to Save the community in all perspective and promote sports participation amongst the youth in low income communities and using sport and physical activity to enhance youth development, build community capacity and promote education about HIV/AIDS. The foundation is dedicated to save and transform lives of HIV/AIDS orphans, most vulnerable children and poorest of the poor from grassroots communities in Tanzania to access basic needs and supporting service delivery on, education services, sustainable environment while empowering marginalized grass root communities to fight hunger, abject poverty, ignorance and HIV/AIDS.

Access to health services and quality education through sports has been a main focus of our organization in supporting HIV/AIDS orphans, disabled, women and most vulnerable children. The foundation is supporting various activities such as sports material, HIV/AIDS prevention campaign, malaria prevention campaign, babe school, school fees support, school materials, maternal and child mortality control to bring about changes, hope and better future, we doing all this for our community with our philosophy “simple solution that make big change for better future.

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